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Just Joshin' (Issue #1)

published4 months ago
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Lawrence bumped his head.

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April 25th 2022


Does My Son Know You? by Jonathan Tjarks

The lie that society tells us is that our friends can be our family. That’s the premise of TV shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and How I Met Your Mother. We can all leave our hometowns behind and have exciting adventures in the big city with people that we meet. And those people will love us and take care of us and be there for us. But life is more like what happened to the actual actors on Friends.

The Three Sides of Risk by Morgan Housel

There are three distinct sides of risk:
- The odds you will get hit.
- The average consequences of getting hit.
- The tail-end consequences of getting hit.

I'm a U.S. Veteran. I Went to Ukraine to Train Civilian Volunteers to Fight. by Matt Gallagher

"There's going to be a human being on that end," Roman said.
"Yes," I said.
"And that human being will have come here to shoot me," he said. "Yes," I said.

Okay's the right conclusion, I think.